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insta shelters

Versatile Commercial or Residential Storage Units

Are you feeling too cramped in your current residence?


Need another room for play or storage?


Got a limited budget?

We have the answer: Insta Shelters provides a convenient and secure facility for your home or business.

Ideal for your new spare room, hobby room, gym, office and/or storage facility….the potential uses are only limited by your imagination.



  • Insta Shelters are cost effective
  • Insta Shelters provide an attractive building solution
  • Insta Shelters only need a small amount of delivery access room to your site
  • Insta Shelters comes in an easily transportable flat-pack
  • Insta Shelters can be customised to your own taste or use (internally and externally)
  • Variety of cladding available - Ask about our full range of cladding for your choice of facade
  • Locks on regular doors and lift-up doors available
  • Quick easy assembly
  • No slab required (cost savings)
  • Base and floor included
  • High impact resistant walls & roofing
  • Termite treated
  • Completely sealed (mice proof)
  • Weatherproof with T2 Blue termite resistant timber framing
  • Made from exterior strength 7mm thick plywood
  • Easy access door, lock and key
  • Insta Shelters contain no asbestos